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GermFree7 is the world’s first instant and residual contact killing solution for cleaning and disinfecting.  A brand-new disinfectant formulates smart polymers to release gaseous biocide for 7 days and 24 hours non-stop antimicrobial protecting function with one application. Chlorine dioxide biocide encapsulated in the smart polymer with its non-stop, continuous "release -killing", "contact-killing", "Anti - adhesion" on the coated surface making it the only solution that can effectively cut down the contact contamination and it is the best solution for you to use on any surface. The special patented control release of chlorine dioxide biocides in our Germfree7 can disfunction the cell’s ability to get nutrient and die from no nutrients therefore Germfree7 can eliminate microbe/germs/virus even when its mutated. This is a very important fact for using Germfree7 because the 2019-ncoV may evolve and mutate during its evolving through human to human.

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